• Gary Oshima is Paving a Road to Recycling

    January 13, 2020

    “One word — plastics.”

    In the movie The Graduate, the phrase was advice for the future — but now — all that plastic has to be dealt with. Richard and guest host Demi Muscio interview Gary Oshima who, as construction commodity manager at UCSD, created the first road made of recycled plastic in the United States. They discuss the plastic road and plastic recycling in general.

    Gary first came across “plastic road” technology when he watched a TED Talk by Toby McCartney, CEO of the U.K.-based MacRebur. MacRebur has used its patented road-making process in the U.K. and Australia that takes plastic waste and mixes it into asphalt to replace petroleum-based bitumen as a binder. Gary contacted MacRebur, and in 2018, a 250-foot stretch of road near Regents Road and Miramar Street became the first roadway in the United States to be made of recycled plastic. The 250 section of road recycled the equivalent of 75,000 plastic bottles.

    As construction commodity manager at UCSD, Gary is responsible for identifying and pursuing cost-saving opportunities in connection with UC San Diego’s construction and renovation projects; establishing and implementing collaborative strategies between IPPS, Facilities Design and Construction and Facilities Management; and exploring system-wide procurement opportunities in connection with construction, renovation, and maintenance.

    To learn more about the plastic road and plastic recycling listen to the show (below).

    Richard Muscio, Demi Muscio and Gary Oshima

  • How Credit Unions work with Michael DeShazo, CEO of the Cabrillo Credit Union

    January 6, 2020

    Richard sits down with Michael DeShazo, CEO of the Cabrillo Credit Union, to discuss the difference between banks and credit unions and the 65 years of Cabrillo Credit Union’s service to Border Patrol and Federal employees in San Diego.

    Cabrillo Credit Union was established in 1955 to serve Border Patrol agents in San Diego. Today they serve as the primary financial institution for those employed by the U.S. Border Patrol and other federal agencies in the San Diego area (the fed is the #1 employer in San Diego County). Cabrillo CU also serves Sharp HealthCare, Carlsbad City employees, and is open to anyone who lives or works in San Diego County.

    Michael DeShazo is Cabrillo Credit Union’s President & Chief Executive Officer. Michael DeShazo selected one of the Top 50 Influential Leaders in San Diego, by The Daily Transcript in 2019. He joined Cabrillo in 1996 and has held several key positions within the credit union, including Chief Operating Officer and Chief Administration Officer. He has been instrumental in shaping Cabrillo’s growth, as well as building their strong culture for our employees and members. Mike was the creator of many of their well-known programs, including their Payroll Assurance Loan (PAL), their Meet or Beat program, Subsidized ATMs and the Cabrillo Challenge, which is used extensively at business development events.

    To learn more about Cabrillo Credit Union listen to the show (below) and visit the websites for Cabrillo Credit Union cabrillocu.com

  • Answering Key Questions of Estate Planning with Paul Hynes, Ricsie Hernandez, and Marilyn Kriebel

    December 30, 2019

    Richard is joined by three experts to discuss key questions about estate planning including:

    • Who needs an estate plan? (spoiler alert: almost everyone)
    • What types of estate plans are there?
    • When is the right time to do estate planning?
    • What documents are critical to an estate plan?

    Paul Hynes

    Paul Hynes is President, CEO, and Founder of HearthStone | Private Wealth Management. HearthStone provides custom financial planning and personalized investment management. They don’t have any other agendas, such as dealing in products or commissions. Paul is also passionate about fighting financial elder abuse. Having personally witnessed the heartache and devastation brought upon a senior in his family who was victimized by a devious crook, he took action and created “Senior Safe and Sound,” an online resource and blog to help educate the public and prevent financial elder abuse.

    Ricsie M. Hernandez

    Ricsie Hernandez is an attorney at Brierton, Jones & Jones, LLP. For over 30 years, Brierton, Jones & Jones, LLP has served San Diego County families and businesses in estate planning, probate, trust administration, conservatorships, guardianships, and estate litigation. They take the responsibility of attending to their clients’ most personal and lasting legal decisions seriously.

    Marilyn Kriebel

    Marilyn’s business emphasis has been on her work as a private fiduciary. Through her firm, Marilyn has handled more than 400 matters. Her staff includes two full-time, in-office assistants, and her field staff includes a Geriatrics Specialist and a Medical Case Manager. She was recently appointed to the State of California Judicial Council’s Probate and Mental Health Advisory Committee.

    To learn more about estate and asset planning listen to the show (below) and visit the websites for Hearthstone Private Wealth Management hearthstoneinc.com, Brierton Jones & Jones briertonjones.com , and Marilyn Kriebel marilynkriebel.com

  • Contemporary Estate Planning and Asset Protection with Brenda Geiger

    December 23, 2019

    Tax laws are constantly changing. Even though you may have set up a trust and an estate plan in 2000 or earlier it is probably time to examine your plan. Brenda Geiger, Founder and CEO of Geiger Law Office, Sits down with Richard to discuss asset protection and estate planning in the light of the new rules that are coming.

    Brenda Geiger is the Founder and CEO of Geiger Law Office, P.C., a Trusts & Estates law firm that began in 2007 in North County San Diego. The legal team at Geiger Law Office P.C. concentrates on estate planning and related issues. The firm has helped over 3,000 families to protect themselves and their wealth through innovative estate and asset protection strategies. Their high level of personal attention and specialized legal knowledge has pleased clients throughout our local community, from Carlsbad, Encinitas and Cardiff by the Sea to Solana Beach, Rancho Santa Fe, and La Jolla and now in Laguna Nigel. She has written many books about estate planning and asset protection available on the website. And her most recent edition of “Estate Planning Secrets of the Affluent” will be available soon.

    Giving back to the community, Geiger Law Office, P.C. also sponsors a charity event to support the American Cancer Society each year in December. This year at a screening of “Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker” Geiger Law Offices raised over $4500.

    To learn more about Geiger Law Offices and contemporary estate and asset planning listen to the show (below) and visit their website geigerlawoffice.com

  • Elliot Shirwo, Founder and Principal of BridgeCore Capital

    December 16, 2019

    Richard discusses real estate investment and lending with Elliot Shirwo — the founder and principal of BridgeCore Capital. They delve into BridgeCore’s lending program and the current challenges of investing in real estate debt.

    BridgeCore Capital is a direct private bridge lender providing short-term loans secured by first and second trust deeds on commercial real estate in primary and secondary U.S. markets. The Company’s founder and principal, Elliot Shirwo, has more than two decades of experience serving real estate, finance, legal and family office communities. BridgeCore Capital has an established network of trusted mortgage broker relationships and maintains strong strategic partnerships throughout the real estate industry.

    Beyond real estate financing, Elliot is passionate about food, wine, and art. He developed a reputation as the go-to person for recommendations on the best restaurants, wine art exhibits. The food wine art newsletter he started while in law school as now developed into a food, wine, and art blog where you can find his recommendation for the best places (sometimes out of the way and overlooked) for food wine and art.

    To learn more about BiridgeCore Capital listen to the show (below) and visit their website bridgecorecapital.com

    And be sure to check out Elliot’s Food Wine and Art Blog

  • Padres’ Broadcasting Legend Bob Chandler

    December 9, 2019

    It is hot stove season and the MLB winter meetings are in San Diego. What better time to sit down with a Padre broadcasting legend to talk baseball and the Padres. Richard sits down with Bob Chandler to discuss the Padres past and future and his new book “Tales From the San Diego Padres Dugout” wherein Bob shares his memories of the team to bring readers many inside stories and humorous anecdotes dating back to the team’s birth on May 27, 1968.

    Bob Chandler is San Diego’s senior sportscaster. Bob began working in the San Diego television-radio market in 1961, covering the San Diego sports scene full time in 1963. In 1972, Chandler joined Jerry Coleman as the television-radio broadcasters for the San Diego Padres. Associated with the Padres from 1970–2003, Bob Chandler likely knows more than anyone when it comes to Padres baseball.

    This Book Is a Must-have For Any Padres Fan

    Since they burst onto the scene in 1969, the San Diego Padres have taken fans on a roller-coaster ride of ups, downs, and unforgettable moments. In his newly revised edition of “Bob Chandler’s Tales from the San Diego Padres Dugout,” longtime Padres announcer Bob Chandler shares his memories of the team with Bill Swank in an easy-to-read recap of the team’s colorful past.

    Chandler and Swank utilize their numerous contacts to bring readers many inside stories and humorous anecdotes dating back to the team’s birth on May 27, 1968. Readers will hear from Padres’ favorites, such as Tony Gwynn, Steve Garvey, Trevor Hoffman, newly signed Manny Machado, and many others as they provide insight and a behind-the-scenes perspective on this beloved franchise.

    Richard Muscio and Bob Chandler

    To learn more about Padres baseball past and future listen to the show (below) and get his book from Amazon: Bob Chandler’s Tales from the San Diego Padres Dugout

  • Don Eppich and Jessica Dorsett of Polito Eppich of Polito-Eppich CPAs and Business Advisors

    December 2, 2019

    It’s not too late to do tax planning!

    Well, it is coming up on the end of the year which means tax time is approaching. This week Richard is joined by Don Eppich and Jessica Dorsett of Polito-Eppich CPAs to discuss year-end tax planning for businesses and how the tax relief plan of 2017 has affected business and individual taxes.

    Polito-Eppich CPAs and Business Advisors specializes in accounting services for businesses generating revenues from $500k to $150 million a year. Polito-Eppich provides the highest quality forward planning services — giving businesses and high-net-worth individuals clear, actionable information that helps them achieve their goals. Their team has more than 100 years of collective business expertise, offering all the compliance, audit, tax, and other accounting services you expect from a top-notch CPA company.

    Beyond the Balance

    Polito Eppich helps you establish a clear path to your business goals, and empowers you to monitor progress every step of the way. Their approach — Beyond the Balance –applies a holistic, individualized plan to your accounting and tax situation. As a follow-up to the Strategic Planning process, they have developed a process whereby they take management through a quarterly review of operations. This review goes beyond a review of the enterprise’s financial statements. They work with their clients to develop critical success factors and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) applicable to the client’s business.

    Donald P. Eppich

    Donald P. Eppich, CPA, has been with the firm since September 1995. He graduated from the University of San Diego in 1985 with a BBA in Accounting. He has worked in private industry and public accounting and prefers the challenges and opportunities that public accounting has to offer.

    Jessica M. Dorsett

    Jessica M. Dorsett, CPA, began at Polito Eppich Associates LLP, after graduating from the University of San Diego with a bachelor’s in Accountancy in 2005. While her primary focus is managing the attest department, her experience does not stop there. She has had the privilege of working closely with the partners and managers in the firm in various areas of the practice including high-level tax and business consulting work.

    To learn more about Polito-Eppich CPAs listen to the show (below) and visit their website: politoeppich.com

  • Launch Factory CEO Brad Chisum Helping Entrepreneurs

    November 25, 2019

    Brad Chisum, CEO of Launch Factory in San DiegoRichard interviews Brad Chisum, CEO of Launch Factory, which recruits talented entrepreneurs and provides them with funding and incubation to help them start their businesses. They discuss the hurdles of starting a business and the unique approach the Launch Factor takes to help entrepreneurs.

    Launch Factory logoStartup businesses fail most frequently not due to the innovation of the idea — but due to the failure to manage the business side of the process. Launch Factory pairs entrepreneurs with founders who demonstrate that they are passionate about the idea and demonstrate that they can implement the plan through an intensive selection process. Next, Launch Factory supports the business and the founders with funding. Launch Factory operates as a hybrid between a business incubator and an investment firm, sinking $300,000 into startups to help the fledgling companies grow. The Launch Factory creates a roadmap for launching startups based on a process-driven approach.

    Brad knows what he is talking about. He is the former CEO and co-founder of Lumedyne Technologies, a MEMS Inertial Sensor company that was acquired by Google for $85 million. Prior to Lumedyne, Brad held engineering and management positions at the U.S. Space and Naval Warfare Defense Systems Command (SPAWAR), and with semiconductor manufacturer STMicroelectronics. Brad holds four patents and three degrees: an MBA from San Diego State University, a B.S. in Electrical Engineering and B.S. in Mathematics from Southern Methodist University.

    To learn more about Launch Factory listen to the show (below) and visit their website: launchfactory.com

  • The Business of Cannabis with Michael Apstein Principal Founder of Primary Growth Partners

    November 18, 2019

    This week Richard talks with Michael Apstein, principal founder of Primary Growth Partners, about the business of cannabis. As one of the principal founders of Primary Growth Partners (PGP). Michael answers key questions about the future of the cannabis industry and the intricacies of investment in the cannabis industry.

    Say what you will, cannabis is a growing industry (no pun intended) in California and Michael Apstein is one of the leaders in delivering key business support to early stage through mid-market cannabis and CBD companies. Primary Growth Partners (PGP) fulfills mission critical roles for early stage through mid-market cannabis companies. As a hands-on stakeholder, PGP focuses on strategy, branding, marketing, operational readiness and efficiency, and legal and financial compliance. PGP further develops competitive advantage to grow successful brands, while mitigating execution risk within a highly regulated environment.

    To learn more about Primary Growth Partners listen to the show (below) and visit their website: wearepgp.com

  • Gene Locklear Celebrity Golf Tournament for the Training Center with Jim Tolbert, Garry Templeton, and Bob Chandler

    November 11, 2019

    The Gene Locklear Celebrity Golf Tournament supporting the Training Center had some of the greats in San Diego sports history playing in support of the Training Center. Jim Tolbert, Garry Templeton, and Bob Chandler sit down with Richard to discuss their careers and San Diego sports history.

    Richard also talks with Dan Biggs, Gene Locklear and Dennis Martinez about the Training Center and the work they do. Accommodating 50 men at a time, the Training Center helps men with substance abuse and transitions them from prison providing them with life skills to prepare them to be re-introduced into society. This year 140 golfer participated in the event raising money for the Training Center through the golf tournament, auction and silent auction.

    Dan Biggs
    Dan Biggs, Development Director of the Training Center explains the purpose of the center and the incredible support the tournament brings to the Training Center.

    Dan Biggs Interview

    Gene Locklear
    Gene Locklear is a full-blooded member of the Lumbee Indian Nation. Playing baseball and creating art has been his passions since he was a child. Gene played 10 years in the major leagues for the Cincinnati Reds, San Diego Padres, and the New York Yankees. After baseball Gene concentrated on his art. He is one of the founding sponsors of the Celebrity Golf tournament for the Training Center.

    Gene Locklear Interview

    Dennis Martinez
    Dennis Martinez founded Training Center. A former professional skateboarder who knows personally about the problems with substance abuse he founded the Training Center to help men overcome their addictions as he has. He talks candidly with Richard about his journey and the great work the Training Academy is doing.

    For more information about the Training Center, you can visit their website here. Or call 619-327-5400 or email prisonlife@gmail.com.

    Dennis Martinez Interview

    Jim Tolbert
    Jim Tolbert is a former San Diego Charger. Playing with the team from 1966 to 1973. Jim talks about San Diego football and sports in San Diego.

    Jim Tolbert Interview

    Garry Templeton
    San Diego Padres Hall of Famer Garry Templeton probably needs no introduction. He’s the Padres only Silver Slugger at shortstop, and he still owns the best fielding percentage (.965) in franchise history at the position. He was both an All-Star and the team MVP in 1985. Templeton stands second only to Tony Gwynn among club leaders in games played (1,286), at-bats (4,512), hits (1,135) and doubles (195). He was a Silver Slugger when the team reached its first postseason — and World Series — in 1984, and a .324 hitter during that playoff run.

    Richard and Garry discuss Padres baseball (Richard’s favorite subject), Garry’s career with the Padres and how the game has changed since the time when he played and what he thinks for Fernando Tatis Jr. who could be his competition as the best Padres shortstop.

    Garry Templeton Interview

    Bob Chandler
    Long-time Padres announcer Bob Chandler goes into detail about the early days of the Padres, how Ray Kroc kept baseball in San Diego and the changes in the game. With lots of stories of his time with Jerry Coleman, Bob explains what it was like in the early days of Padres baseball. In his new book “Tales From the San Diego Padres Dugout” Bob shares his memories of the team.

    Bob Chandler Interview

    Listen to the entire show (below) and to learn more about the Training Center visit their website: sdtrainingcenter.org