• Estate Planner and Trust Attorney Brenda Geiger

    May 20, 2019

    Richard welcomes Brenda Geiger of Geiger Law Offices to discuss estate planning and trusts.

    Brenda Geiger is the Founder and CEO of Geiger Law Offices, P.C., a Trusts & Estates law firm which began in 2007 in North County San Diego. The firm has helped over 3,000 families to protect themselves and their wealth through innovative estate and asset protection strategies. It is also host to an annual Trusts & Estates Symposium that provides leading-edge education to allied professionals and the firm’s clients.

    2019 Trusts and Estates Symposium

    Brenda’s annual Trusts & Estates Symposium is being held on Thursday, May 23rd from 8:30 AM to 3:30 PM at the beautiful Lomas Santa Fe Country Club in Solana Beach. Brenda Geiger, J.D. and her guest speakers are experts in trusts, asset protection, running successful businesses and in their fields are nationally known. This event is also a great opportunity to network with other like-minded professionals and get your 4 hours of MCLE or CPE credit. You can find more information about attending this popular symposium by visiting her website here.

  • The Business of Making Movies with Todd Lundbohm

    May 13, 2019

    Richard and Todd Lundbohm discuss the ever-changing world of film making, how movies get made, how movies get paid for, and the federal and state tax benefits and credits associated film financing.

    Todd Lundbohm is an experienced writer with a demonstrated history of working in the motion pictures and film industry. He is skilled in Camera, Videography, Film, Documentaries, and Commercials and an arts and design professional with a Master of Fine Arts (MFA) focused in Motion Picture and Television from Academy of Art University.

    He is the founder of 828 Media Capital which provides “Hard Money” lending to the entertainment industry. 828 Media Capital works with filmmakers, producers, investors and sales agencies to fill out the capital stack needed to bring a project to light. They connect the dots and solve the problems that others may miss – always looking for those unique solutions. Their experience and expertise enable us to bring financial resources to projects that might otherwise be passed over by traditional lenders.

  • Joseph Metcalf Giving Voice to Non-Profits

    May 6, 2019

    Joseph Metcalf is the Founder and Creative Director of Arise Design + Brand in San Diego, CA. Arise Design + Brand is a Visual and Web Design Firm that specializes in brand consulting and web design. They partner with ambitious companies to craft indelible brand experiences. They also help responsible, change-making organizations make their global impact by crafting indelible user-centric brand experiences.

    Joseph is passionate about making a positive impact in the world by using design and branding as a tool to advance efforts ecology, human justice, and social equality and has woven those philosophies into the company’s values. To that end, Arise Design + Brand has introduced Thankful Thursday as an effort to support the organizations and communities that strive to make the world a better place. Every 3rd Thursday of every month Arise Design + Brand randomly select one of their clients to choose a non-profit organization to support. The clients choose one from Arise Design + Brand’s curated list of hard-working local and global non-profit organizations and a donation is made to them in the client’s name.

    Outside of the office, Joe enjoys time with family and friends, travel and physical challenges like triathlon and aerial arts.

  • Anthony Lombardi, The Advanced Tax Planning Institute and Lombardi Family Office

    April 29, 2019

    Anthony Lombardi joins Richard to discuss the Advanced Tax Planning Institute and the Lombardi Family Office and what a family office a does.

    Since 1995, Anthony Lombardi has been developing and perfecting a business model whose primary focus is to assist leading CPAs and Attorneys to operate their practice more efficiently, to deliver maximum value to their very best clients, and to enjoy organic growth. One of Mr. Lombardi’s special and unique abilities is developing relationships and teaching “The Art of the Relationship” to CPAs and Advisors.

    The Advanced Tax Planning Institute’s 19th semi-annual conference will help CPAs to serve wealthy families from all over the country to become more intentional with the life they’ve been given — while enjoying the journey of their affluence. The conference features speakers from among the most forward-thinking and brightest professionals in their field, and attendees leave motivated to transform their practices into businesses that serve their life, including your host, Richard Muscio.

    The Lombardi Family Office helps clients make a significant impact on the lives of their best clients while helping them live the significant life they were created to live.

  • Jeff Severson, Money Mailer of Northern San Diego

    April 22, 2019

    Jeff Severson owns Money Mailer of Northern San Diego a leader in direct mail marketing. Severson is a dedicated marketing veteran with over sixteen years of experience working for large advertising agencies, spearheading a number of experiential and multi-facetted campaigns for a wide variety of well-known brands including Gillette, PlayStation and Animal Planet.

    According to a recent study by eMarketer, print coupons are still king, as almost 80 percent of U.S. internet users who were polled said that they use paper coupons. As small businesses continue to seek out the most effective ways to drive brand awareness, bring in new customers and increase sales with existing customers, Money Mailer of Northern San Diego is eager to partner with local businesses in the North County area to help them boost their bottom line. Money Mailer offers local businesses a unique portfolio of marketing solutions to reach consumers in the mail, online and on their mobile phones. The Money Mailer mobile application, which is available for iPhone and Android users, allows consumers to access endless coupons in just two quick finger taps.

    Jeff grew up in Oceanside and cares a lot about our community. As part of his effort to help the local community Jeff is starting a new program offering free ads for local charities in his mailers. Contact Jeff at 858-276-8775 or visit his website for more information.

  • Michael J. Herman, “Mr. Motivation”

    April 15, 2019

    Since 1986, Michael J. Herman known as “Mr. Motivation” has been motivating and inspiring the world, first as a television sitcom writer-producer, but he has operated his company Third Eye Communications since 1986 with 13 years of growth to show for it. His unique style of leadership has been called “Extraordinary” by CEOs like Bob Crandle of American Airlines, and Jill Barad of Mattel Toys.

    His leadership mastery stems back from his own motivational strategies developed when, as a five-year-old boy, Michael suffered a traumatic brain injury, resulting in paralysis, aphasia, and total blindness. Though it took more than 13 years, Michael’s obstacles seem minuscule when compared with the achievements he has amassed.

    Michael has authored 14 books, penned and published more than 7,600 articles on more than 60 topics in more than 200 publications around the world. He has won more than 60 awards for writing/publishing and speaking, been identified by the Los Angeles Times as “The Next Big Thing!” and by USA TODAY as “Mr. Motivation.” Now Michael J. Herman, “Mr. Motivation” travels the world motivating, inspiring, and entertaining audiences on the topics of Motivation, Inspiration, Leadership, Positivity, and Success.

  • Karie Kaufmann, Action Coach

    April 8, 2019

    Since 2005, Karie Kaufmann has helped over 500 business owners and executives achieve their goals and take their businesses to the next level. Her clients have achieved double and triple-digit growth in profitability, accomplished through improvements in sales, marketing, team training, systems development, and strategic planning.

    As both a Gazelles International Coach and an ActionCOACH, Karie belongs to a network of over 1,000 business coaches in 64 countries. With this network of brain power, along with her MBA, Bachelor of Science degree in Business Marketing, and over 10,000 hours of coaching experience, Karie is skilled at breaking down complex issues into simple steps and has the tools to help her clients succeed. Her program is designed to help you reach the goals that you set out to achieve when you started your business in the first place. Karie’s YouTube channel has multiple videos of her coaching advice.

    Karie and her husband, Scott, are the parents of two you children, Kenzi and Cole. As a family they are active in the community, having served together on the board of Kids4Tech and volunteered extensively at Boys & Girls Clubs of America.

  • Melissa Tucci Official Realtor of the San Diego Padres

    April 1, 2019

    Richard meets with Melissa Tucci, top real estate agent in San Diego to discuss the evolution of the Real Estate industry and the San Diego real estate market.

    Having steadily built her real estate business since 2001 Melissa Tucci became the “Offical Real Estate Agent of the San Diego Padres”. She is also the #1 ranked Coldwell Banker agent in California, San Diego Magazine 5-Star Winner Customer Satisfaction 9 years in a row and one of the Top 100 Agents in the nation for homes sold per The Wall Street Journal and Real Trends. Her personalized service combined with professionalism, knowledge, and enthusiasm is what differentiates her from the rest.

    She’s even added TV to her repertoire, regularly appearing on a San Diego based program, The American Dream where they talk about real estate, the local market and what’s going on in the world financially.

    Melissa supports several nonprofits, including the American Cancer Society and the YMCA Foundation. As a wife and mother of three daughters, Melissa still cherishes quality time with family.

  • Don Eppich and Paul Polito of Polito-Eppich CPAs Discuss the New Tax Code

    March 25, 2019

    How does the new tax code section 199A affect your business? Richard goes into detail with Don Eppich and Paul Polito about the section 199A rules.

    Don Eppich and Paul Polito are founders of Polito Eppich Accounting which specializes in accounting services for businesses generating revenues from $500k to $150 million a year. Polito-Eppich provides the highest quality forward planning services, giving businesses and high-net-worth individuals clear, actionable information that helps them achieve their goals. Their team brings to the table more than 100 years of collective business expertise, offering all the compliance, audit, tax, and other accounting services you expect.

    Paul and Don discussed the new code section 199A rules and how they apply to S corps, C corps and LLCs.

  • Cold Case Investigator Robert Conrad

    March 18, 2019

    Richard welcomes cold case detective Robert Condrad to discuss his investigations in to cold cases and how DNA technology and advances in DNA testing have advanced the solving cold cases. They also discuss the Helen Roscoe case, still unsolved, which has surprising personal ties to Richard.

    Robert (Bob) Conrad was born and raised in San Diego. After a career in Navy he joined the Chula Vista police department in 1969 and retired in 1995 as a Sergeant and Detective. He was brought back in 2001 to work cold cases. Since then, he has helped solve the previously unsolvable, including the 1991 Laura Arroyo case involving the slaying of a 9-year-old girl. The Arroyo investigation and his probe into the 1995 murder of Pamela Shelley were featured on A&E’s “Cold Case Files.” He also solved the murder of Anita Marie Carrier, Conrad’s first homicide case as a young detective.

    Conrad is quick to attribute the ability to put many of these cases to bed to good laboratory work in which evidence was collected and preserved well. “Good lab people — that’s important” he said. Updated methods of DNA identification and fingerprinting help him solve cases that chilled years ago. Likewise, detectives who worked on the cases when they were fresh also play a hand in later success.

    For more details about he Helen Roscoe case please read these articles by Fred Dickey