Anthony Lombardi, The Advanced Tax Planning Institute and Lombardi Family Office

Anthony Lombardi joins Richard to discuss the Advanced Tax Planning Institute and the Lombardi Family Office and what a family office a does.

Since 1995, Anthony Lombardi has been developing and perfecting a business model whose primary focus is to assist leading CPAs and Attorneys to operate their practice more efficiently, to deliver maximum value to their very best clients, and to enjoy organic growth. One of Mr. Lombardi’s special and unique abilities is developing relationships and teaching “The Art of the Relationship” to CPAs and Advisors.

The Advanced Tax Planning Institute’s 19th semi-annual conference will help CPAs to serve wealthy families from all over the country to become more intentional with the life they’ve been given — while enjoying the journey of their affluence. The conference features speakers from among the most forward-thinking and brightest professionals in their field, and attendees leave motivated to transform their practices into businesses that serve their life, including your host, Richard Muscio.

The Lombardi Family Office helps clients make a significant impact on the lives of their best clients while helping them live the significant life they were created to live.