Don Eppich and Paul Polito of Polito-Eppich CPAs Discuss the New Tax Code

How does the new tax code section 199A affect your business? Richard goes into detail with Don Eppich and Paul Polito about the section 199A rules.

Don Eppich and Paul Polito are founders of Polito Eppich Accounting which specializes in accounting services for businesses generating revenues from $500k to $150 million a year. Polito-Eppich provides the highest quality forward planning services, giving businesses and high-net-worth individuals clear, actionable information that helps them achieve their goals. Their team brings to the table more than 100 years of collective business expertise, offering all the compliance, audit, tax, and other accounting services you expect.

Paul and Don discussed the new code section 199A rules and how they apply to S corps, C corps and LLCs.