Elliot Shirwo, Founder and Principal of BridgeCore Capital

Richard discusses real estate investment and lending with Elliot Shirwo — the founder and principal of BridgeCore Capital. They delve into BridgeCore’s lending program and the current challenges of investing in real estate debt.

BridgeCore Capital is a direct private bridge lender providing short-term loans secured by first and second trust deeds on commercial real estate in primary and secondary U.S. markets. The Company’s founder and principal, Elliot Shirwo, has more than two decades of experience serving real estate, finance, legal and family office communities. BridgeCore Capital has an established network of trusted mortgage broker relationships and maintains strong strategic partnerships throughout the real estate industry.

Beyond real estate financing, Elliot is passionate about food, wine, and art. He developed a reputation as the go-to person for recommendations on the best restaurants, wine art exhibits. The food wine art newsletter he started while in law school as now developed into a food, wine, and art blog where you can find his recommendation for the best places (sometimes out of the way and overlooked) for food wine and art.

To learn more about BiridgeCore Capital listen to the show (below) and visit their website bridgecorecapital.com

And be sure to check out Elliot’s Food Wine and Art Blog