Jordanna Eyre Founder of Modern Day Sorcerer

Jordanna Eyre is a life coach to say the least and has committed herself in helping others find, and maintain the perfect life balance. She helps clients to feel whole through accessing emotions, tapping into authenticity, and overcoming addictions. She also offers coaching, workshops, and products that meet anyone at their current journey toward self-love and wholeness.

As founder of Modern Day Sorcerer and the first ever online Sorcerer School she works with leaders and visionaries of all shapes and sizes in returning to the deepest threads of their soul’s calling and the deep knowing that they’ve felt since they were young, but haven’t felt safe sharing with the world. Jordanna guides leaders to embody a deeper sense of power that stands in love and integrity, so that they can restore the strength of their vision in a way that is well received by the world, and blends with the pragmatics of the bottom line and the human aspects of life that have been pulling at them. You can see more of her vision at her youTube channel.