Joseph Metcalf Giving Voice to Non-Profits

Joseph Metcalf is the Founder and Creative Director of Arise Design + Brand in San Diego, CA. Arise Design + Brand is a Visual and Web Design Firm that specializes in brand consulting and web design. They partner with ambitious companies to craft indelible brand experiences. They also help responsible, change-making organizations make their global impact by crafting indelible user-centric brand experiences.

Joseph is passionate about making a positive impact in the world by using design and branding as a tool to advance efforts ecology, human justice, and social equality and has woven those philosophies into the company’s values. To that end, Arise Design + Brand has introduced Thankful Thursday as an effort to support the organizations and communities that strive to make the world a better place. Every 3rd Thursday of every month Arise Design + Brand randomly select one of their clients to choose a non-profit organization to support. The clients choose one from Arise Design + Brand’s curated list of hard-working local and global non-profit organizations and a donation is made to them in the client’s name.

Outside of the office, Joe enjoys time with family and friends, travel and physical challenges like triathlon and aerial arts.