Ken Ruggiero of Ascent Student Loans, Intelligent Solutions to Student Loans

Ken Ruggiero joins Richard for an in-depth discussion of the increasing burden of student loans on college students and their parents.

Ken Ruggiero, the founder of Ascent Student Loans, has more than 25 years of management, finance and business development experience as an integral part of management teams that grew companies in fast-changing environments.

The Ascent program is the culmination of decades of work and data analytics. It is designed to keep the student at the center of the conversation about which school, which major and how do I invest wisely in my education.

The Ascent team works with applicants to understand how their selected institution, degree program and job dream/future plans may impact potential earnings and loan repayment. Ascent is making the loan process personal by guiding “can you afford it” conversations – early in the process – to ensure there are no surprises with a negative impact.