Launch Factory CEO Brad Chisum Helping Entrepreneurs

Brad Chisum, CEO of Launch Factory in San DiegoRichard interviews Brad Chisum, CEO of Launch Factory, which recruits talented entrepreneurs and provides them with funding and incubation to help them start their businesses. They discuss the hurdles of starting a business and the unique approach the Launch Factor takes to help entrepreneurs.

Launch Factory logoStartup businesses fail most frequently not due to the innovation of the idea — but due to the failure to manage the business side of the process. Launch Factory pairs entrepreneurs with founders who demonstrate that they are passionate about the idea and demonstrate that they can implement the plan through an intensive selection process. Next, Launch Factory supports the business and the founders with funding. Launch Factory operates as a hybrid between a business incubator and an investment firm, sinking $300,000 into startups to help the fledgling companies grow. The Launch Factory creates a roadmap for launching startups based on a process-driven approach.

Brad knows what he is talking about. He is the former CEO and co-founder of Lumedyne Technologies, a MEMS Inertial Sensor company that was acquired by Google for $85 million. Prior to Lumedyne, Brad held engineering and management positions at the U.S. Space and Naval Warfare Defense Systems Command (SPAWAR), and with semiconductor manufacturer STMicroelectronics. Brad holds four patents and three degrees: an MBA from San Diego State University, a B.S. in Electrical Engineering and B.S. in Mathematics from Southern Methodist University.

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