Money Coaching with Joe Driscoll

Joseph ‘Joe’ Driscoll has been leading people from all walks of life (including military and civilian) toward achieving financial independence. He is not an investment manager, but helps people with debt management, budgeting and getting a plan for life and achieve financial freedom. Joe is a family man, so he understands the responsibilities and pressures that can bring. He and his wife have walked in your shoes! The Driscolls were able to pay off $52,000 dollars of debt in two years and have been living a debt-free life since 2015.

Dave Ramsey Financial Coach in San DiegoJoe’s company, Average Joe’s Financial Independence, can help you with things like budgeting, snowballing debt, setting up your emergency fund, and much more. You can contact Joe through his website or by phone at 805-419-9777 and take your first steps toward financial independence.