Paul Hynes, Founder and CEO of HearthStone Private Wealth Management

Richard welcomed Paul Hynes, President, and CEO of HearthStone Private Wealth Management. Together, Paul and Richard explain the alphabet soup of acronyms behind financial advisors names (what is the difference between a CPA and a CFP, what is a fiduciary?).

A Certified Financial Planner, Paul founded Hearthstone in 2006 leaving a successful 22-year career at a large Wall Street investment firm. HearthStone Private Wealth Management provides independent thinking, research, advice and disciplined investment management for super-successful business owners and other affluent individuals, families, corporate ERISA fiduciaries, private fiduciaries, charitable organizations, and foundations. It is Paul’s goal to educate, empower and inspire people to make intelligent decisions when it comes to money.

Paul is also active in protecting seniors from finacial abuse and scams. Together with several other committed professionals, he has formed an alliance “Senior Safe & Sound.” The role of the Senior Safe & Sound blog is to educate people about the risk of seniors making bad decisions as well as the risk of losing money to scammers, fraudsters, and phonies.