Serena Caspary, Author and Lance Growth, Co-Founder of The Collective Access

Serena Caspary is the author of Brown Bear and Offie Present: The Verbal Bully which teaches kids how to deal with verbal bullying on their own. Inspired by her two young daughters, Serena Caspary created the Brown Bear and Oofie books as a tool to communicate with her girls. Serena along with her daughters, Tyler and Brooklyn, Michelle St. Clair and her daughters, Haven and Sienna, discuss the book and bullying in school.

Lance Growth is the Co-founder and CEO of The Collective Access. The Collective Access’s mission is to be an accessible professional support system and educational resource that teaches kids how to network, build and maintain professional relationships, access resources, and give back to their community. His passion for philanthropy was born when someone who believed in him provided him with a scholarship that changed his life. His vision of changing the world by inspiring and uplifting the youth is what drives this organization.