The Business of Cannabis with Michael Apstein Principal Founder of Primary Growth Partners

This week Richard talks with Michael Apstein, principal founder of Primary Growth Partners, about the business of cannabis. As one of the principal founders of Primary Growth Partners (PGP). Michael answers key questions about the future of the cannabis industry and the intricacies of investment in the cannabis industry.

Say what you will, cannabis is a growing industry (no pun intended) in California and Michael Apstein is one of the leaders in delivering key business support to early stage through mid-market cannabis and CBD companies. Primary Growth Partners (PGP) fulfills mission critical roles for early stage through mid-market cannabis companies. As a hands-on stakeholder, PGP focuses on strategy, branding, marketing, operational readiness and efficiency, and legal and financial compliance. PGP further develops competitive advantage to grow successful brands, while mitigating execution risk within a highly regulated environment.

To learn more about Primary Growth Partners listen to the show (below) and visit their website: