The Business of Making Movies with Todd Lundbohm

Richard and Todd Lundbohm discuss the ever-changing world of film making, how movies get made, how movies get paid for, and the federal and state tax benefits and credits associated film financing.

Todd Lundbohm is an experienced writer with a demonstrated history of working in the motion pictures and film industry. He is skilled in Camera, Videography, Film, Documentaries, and Commercials and an arts and design professional with a Master of Fine Arts (MFA) focused in Motion Picture and Television from Academy of Art University.

He is the founder of 828 Media Capital which provides “Hard Money” lending to the entertainment industry. 828 Media Capital works with filmmakers, producers, investors and sales agencies to fill out the capital stack needed to bring a project to light. They connect the dots and solve the problems that others may miss – always looking for those unique solutions. Their experience and expertise enable us to bring financial resources to projects that might otherwise be passed over by traditional lenders.